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Treaty, Aboriginal rights and environmental law and litigation.

Jeffrey Rath, a seasoned legal advocate with over two decades of experience, has been at the forefront of advancing the rights and interests of First Nations in Canada. His expertise and knowledge have been pivotal in representing First Nations communities at all levels of court in the country, including the Supreme Court of Canada. 

Jeff’s impressive legal journey encompasses victories in significant cases across a wide array of judicial forums: the Federal Court of Appeal, Federal Court Trial Division, Alberta Court of Appeal, Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench, Provincial Court of Alberta, Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of British Columbia, and the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Beyond the courts, Jeff has also successfully advocated before various boards and tribunals, including the National Energy Board, the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board, and the British Columbia Environmental Appeal Board. His remarkable ability to navigate complex legal landscapes and champion the causes of First Nations is exemplified in his role as Lead Counsel in the landmark Mikisew Cree Nation Case at the Supreme Court of Canada. This case resulted in a unanimous 9-0 ruling in favor of the Mikisew Cree Nation, marking a significant milestone in Canadian jurisprudence and setting a precedent in the realm of Aboriginal law.

Jeff Rath – Navigating Complex Legal Landscapes!